Frantic prostitutes online market

No need to “practice” on the sidewalk and not have to rent a scooter to get genuine visitors, online prostitution are many prostitutes, gigolos favored.
Attractive Offer

sexual-onlineFacebook fan page “prostitutes” appeared from 2012 to now has more than 12.000 members. Avatar is a beautiful girl, attractive and sexy with enticing invitation: “Getting to know more about me, hope you will teach me more about things. I would love to talk and share with everyone “- Nguyen Thuy Linh, student nurse, 300,000 VND ($14) a night, who needs massage can contact her through the phone number she provided.

Most of the participants are young people, use social network Facebook with a picture of their own representatives or alternate form. Sellers are willing to show the body, carefree buyers pay the price, as a market where public activity, frantic day and night. Whenever customers need can post, negotiate directly. Not only through Facebook, a series of web pages, forums also offer paid sex with the exchange of phone numbers, images publicly. At the same time, not only women but also prostitution both male prostitutes, gigolos service frantic place. In addition to the transaction via Facebook website and advertisers also attached. Aphrodisiac products are introduced most.

Legal wriggle

Ordinance on prevention and prohibition of prostitution as buying sex acts, prostitution, organizing prostitution, other acts related to prostitution as prescribed by law. However, such acts can only be considered a violation of the ordinance if the transaction is completed and prostitution had been caught red handed. However, on the website, forums, social networks, commercial sex acts are considered as “advertising” at no cost. All publicly traded though, easy success, but it is difficult for authority to keep track and deal with. A prostitute nicknamed Cave VIP,  who believes her personal page is where direct sales, do not hesitate to share: “No need to stand road, no need to wave, just call if you have a desire “. Online sex work has long been a destination for many prostitutes and the buyers who want sexual supply but do not want to go out to look for prostitutes. In fact, there are many successful transactions from this online business model, but the authorities still can not control it all. Though it is the virtual world, but the consequences are real.
This article according to Ho Chi Minh City Police